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Conducting Video Critique

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Please prepare your conducting video to be submitted to Maestro Hangen, following these guidelines:

  • Your video may be of a rehearsal, performance, and/or studio conducting

  • The duration of the video should not exceed 20 minutes, and there should be no more than three compositions

  • Camera should face the front of the conductor

  • It is assumed you will be conducting standard symphonic repertoire. If not, you may be requested to send a PDF of the score(s)

  • Upload your video to YouTube and set the privacy setting to "Unlisted"

You will receive your critique from Maestro Hangen within 14 days to the email address you provide. If you have any questions, click here to contact Maestro Hangen.

lesson rate:
that you will receive

To get started, submit your video to Maestro Hangen. He will then contact you to confirm and to request payment via PayPal.

Optional: If there are multiple compositions in your video, include them here. Maximum three compositions in video.

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