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Receive online, individualized instruction from a renowned conductor.

Two Lesson Options:


You submit video clips of your conducting (by yourself to a recording, or a rehearsal/performance with an ensemble). Maestro Hangen reviews your video and responds with a written critique, addressing factors such as: baton technique, expression, style, and communication.




You schedule a live online lesson with Maestro Hangen via a Zoom video call. The lesson will last for 1 hour.


Student Testimonials

Studet Testimonials

On the podium, Maestro Bruce Hangen possesses that perfect combination of clarity and poetry. Few conductors know the symphonic repertoire like he does. Few conductors know how to make a student ensemble sound like a professional orchestra. And few conducting teachers are so committed to their students’ growth. I am grateful for my two years with Bruce Hangen at The Boston Conservatory and the wealth of knowledge, skills, and values he imparted to his students.

Michael Sakir

Music Director

Opera Memphis

Bruce is a complete conducting mentor. In my case, he was able to take someone with more enthusiasm than experience and equip them to be successful in a highly competitive field. His patience, knowledge, and diligence at developing young conductors enable them to not only make music but also clearly communicate with any ensemble at any level.

Timothy Verville

Music Director and Conductor

Georgia Symphony Orchestra

Photo courtesy of Keitaro Harada

Photo courtesy of Charlie Frank

Bruce is a master technician of the orchestra. In observing hours of his rehearsals, I gleaned a large and varied skillset applicable to an array of styles and genres. Bruce’s in-depth knowledge of the repertoire is equaled by his insight into orchestral technique - most especially strings. This then informs his ability to quickly and effectively elevate the quality of any orchestra. The basis of my entire rehearsal technique is still drawn from what I learned while studying with Bruce.

Russell Ger

Music Director

Greater Newburgh Symphony Orchestra

“Show the music!” The phrase Mr. Hangen reminds his students of all the time, is one of many fundamentals that he taught me. After years of teaching and conducting, what he shared with me remains the principle that shaped my career. Mr. Hangen leads by example, and I could not thank him enough for his mentorship.

Chun-Ming Chen

Director of Orchestral Activities

University of Evansville

Music Director

Artists Chamber Orchestra (Taiwan)

Chen headshot-2.png

Learning from Maestro Hangen was a wonderful experience. He is approachable, and is very much concerned with what you want to learn as well as teaching the tools for success on and off the podium. Every lesson I had with him was as fun as it was instructive. I can definitively say that the things I learned as his student have directly influenced my career to this day. I could not have expected some of the twists and turns I have faced thus far, but with Bruce’s teaching, I am more than equipped to face them.

Jaman E. Dunn

Assistant Conductor, Community Engagement

Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

Maestro Bruce Hangen is an all-around master teacher. He has an unmatched knowledge of the conducting field and all of its intricacies. He teaches how the conductor serves the composer, the orchestra, and the audience. In just two short years, Bruce has transformed me as a conductor and musician. He is extraordinarily dedicated to his students and helping them reach their goals. 

Michael Bednarsky

Boston Conservatory at Berklee, MM '20

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